Love Never Fails Lyrics

We hope and pray love will find us
And we often stay in spite
All the shame we try to hide from the pain
I hope that you love again
And I want you to understand
You're my joy girl
My love won't fail you now

We said our goodbyes (baby)
And you're no longer mine (hey)
But remember one thing (hey girl)
My love for you will never fail

Have shame on you
And have shame on me
Staying here for so long
When we both know it was so wrong baby
I want for you something better
And I hope you do stay forever
In my heart girl
My love won't fail you now
But what we had would never last today baby
My love girl (yeah)
My love won't fail you now
In my heart you'll stay

Love never fails

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Songwriter(s): kim L. Owens
Copyright: Songs Of Universal Inc., Kemunity Song Chest
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Meaning to "Love Never Fails" song text (7 meanings)
Cdawg 08/01/12,15:49

Similar to what Trey wrote, I too lost someone special a year ago. This song reminds me so much of her. It's a sentimental tune with beautiful lyrics - and one of my favorite Kem melodies.
shirley 07/25/12,16:36

This song make me not 2 give up in love i love kem he fills my heart when its ewmpty golden day wow he just do me
Dimakatso 07/07/12,00:05

It's been six months and everytime I listen to this song it feels like he's talking to me, my X. Time I let go...thanks Mr Owens for the beautiful music! You truly and always bless my soul
LoveSexy1 05/19/11,11:30

My favorite song on this album but I love all the songs. He is awesome, I just love him & his music.
Smittya 04/28/11,13:13

Saw first time at a concert in Albany, GA. He is awesome!!! Him just expressing the meaning behind each song made his music more meaningful to my world.
thokozil 01/23/11,13:55

I love kem's music de man sings from his soul and his lates cd intamncy I jst love so much and this song jst melts my heart,I love this man worse his voice.
essence 08/20/10,23:20

I fell inlove with Kem music the FIRST time i heard his voice, I just brought his new cd,Intmacy,great cd, lOVE NEVER FAILS is one of my favorites
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