Justin Bieber - You've Got The Motherlode
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You've Got The Motherlode Lyrics

You've got the mother load,
You've got the stuff I like.
Everytime I'm with you babe,
I just get psyched.
Like bling in your mouth but it's just old fillings.
Dry skin on your hands, and your cracks so cracked,
that bottom &
sittin on your bed with your jacked up back.
Spoken: "Hey girl, I want to watch you do you pilates, and skip the hard part.
Cuz baby"
You've got the mother load...

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Meaning to "You've Got The Motherlode" (2 meanings)
bieber girl 10/26/11,18:40

You have been around for a long time Bliz.10!!You are a w!se old ow!!I like Bliz.11 alot!!You f.uckin copied her!!Blizzard 10 you are a big a.s.s demon!!I love Justin Bieber!!F.uc.k you Blizzard 10!!!
Justin Bieber 04/03/11,16:09

amanda,i love you but i love selena more.i known her for a very long time.i know we did things like going on vacation,but that doesn't mean anything.i am in love with selena.sorry but is how it is.bye
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