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I Am Your Man Lyrics

I always see the girls walk past me
But they really dont know what Im like
Im funny,talented and stupid
I hate boys because they try to take my women
They get on my nerves so i start pokin

So i keep on saying
I cant stand guys
They have ugly eyes
They smell like cats
and are fats
They are so stupid
they act like cupid
But they dont know I I am your man
(your man)
(your man)

these lyrics are submitted by Miley Gibson

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Meaning to "I Am Your Man" (12 meanings)
Bieber Fries 12/17/11,21:10

I love .....chicken what did you think I was gonna say I gotta a party in my tummy so..... YUMMY LOL love u justin bieber even if ur dating selena but I ..if I still ad a crush it would never happened
Selina 03/23/11,21:59

Htustu shut up. You do realize you're making a fool of yourself on lyrics right? The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fakes are annoying as hell and whoever is stupid enough to believe its them is an id
melani(: 03/11/11,16:16

ok lets get somethingg clear the Justin Bieber thtas sayin he loves this chikk named idk wat the hell her name is but justin loves all of his fans equally and if he had his love he would have told us!
Justin Bieber 03/11/11,16:08

Amanda,Thats not true.I like all my fans equally.So lay off of her.She's a big fan,just like all of you.Hey Hotter than U,I remember u,your the girl with the brown eyes and had that dress on?Sweet!Bye
*Hotter than U,Smarter than U* 02/26/11,15:25

hah ALEX,go fuuck a tree cuz thats the only thing that wants you,or maybe thats offensive to a tree,sorry tree!HA Justin wont go out with you,but he surely would with me,Im going 2his next concert!HAH
*Hotter than U,Smarter than U* 02/07/11,15:22

Hey Girls,Be jealouss,Im his biggest fan!I met him before and he said I was cute.Ima teen model,which means Im sexxy duh!Im his age,16.If he saw me,He wouldnt give u girls a second look!Im hot lk dat!
Justin Bieber 01/22/11,15:11

Hi Fans,Just to let you know Im gayy,Im not into girls that way.I didnt tell the media yet but Guess what,I found the one,His name is Anthony and I really like him.He is perfect for me!Well Bye Girls!
HisSoonToBeGirl 07/12/10,11:08

Uh Listen here britt ugly bug.Get a life cuz justin wont go with a ugly girl like u.So i would recommend forgetting about him because he likes girls that are funny and hot and your neither of them!hah
HisSoonToBeGirl 07/06/10,11:06

Britt Bug Get a life Justin wont go with a big fat dork!He doesnt like girls that are dumb like you!He likes hot ones like me and ones that know how to spell!I met justin before he said i looked cute!
BD 8D :) 06/30/10,23:23

When did he write this song!? I've never hward it . VickieB(: you are so right!Everyones beautiful in their own way.By the way you guys should stop fighting a guy that probably neither of you have met
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