Drummer Boy Lyrics (ft. Busta Rhymes)

come they told me,
pa rum pum pum pum
a new born king to see,
pa rum pum pum pum
our finest gifts we bring,
pa rum pum pum pum
to lay before the king,
pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)
rum pum pum pum rum, pum, pum pum pum pum.

[Justin rapping]
yeah I'm on the drum yeah I'm on the snare drum
yeah I'm on the beat cause the beat goes dumb
and I only spit heat cause I'm playing for the son
playing for the king, playing for the title
I'm surprised you didn't hear this in the bible
I'm so tight, i might go psycho
Christmas time, so here's a recital
I'm so bad like Michael i know
I'm still young but i go, i go
stupid, stupid, love like cupid
I'm a drummer boy so do it, do it
little baby, pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gifts to bring, pa rum pum pum pum
that's fit to give our king, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum

[busta rhymes:]

Now lemme get straight to it, yo.
At the table with the family, havin dinner,
Blackberry on our hip and then it gave a little
Then I took a look to see before it activates the
came to realize my homie Bieber hit me on the Twitter
Then I hit him back despite I had some food up on my
sippin' eggnog with a little sprinkle of vanilla,
even though it's kinda cold,i'm pullin out a chinchilla,
Bieber hit me back and said, "Let's make it hot up in
the winter

I said "Cool." Ya know Im a deliver
let's collaborate and make the holiday a little bigger
Before we work I gotta get this off,
see the other family members and drop gifts off.
Then I'm headed to the studio cause ain't nothing
stopping how
you know we bout to turn it up and really get it poppin
People everywhere and all our Twitter followers,
"Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah!"

Mary nodded, par rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time, pa rapa pum pum
I played my drum for him, pa rapa pum pum
I played my best for him, pa rapa pum pum
rapa pum pum
rapa pum pum

[Justin rapping' :]
If you wanna give, it's the time of year
JB on the beat, yeah yeah, I'm on the snare
It's crazy how some people say, say they don't care
when there's people on the street with no food, it's
not fair
It's about time for you to act merrily
it's about time for you to give to charity
Rarely do people even wanna help at all
'cause they warm by the fire, getting toys and their
Not thinking there's a family out hungry and cold
wishin' wishin' that they had somebody they could hold.
So I think some of you need to act bold
give a can to a drive, let's change the globe.

Im a Drummer Boy so do it, do it
Im a Drummer Boy so do it, do it
Im a Drummer Boy so do it, do it
Im a Drummer Boy so do it, do it
Im a Drummer Boy so do it, do it

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Songwriter(s): David John Harrison, Katherine K. Davis, Harry Simeone, Henry V. Onorati
Copyright: Delaware-music Corp., David Platz Music
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Loving Bieber 08/14/12,18:46

Justin Bieber Is HOTTT!!!!! Love Him So Much! I Can Listen To This Song For EVER And Never Get Tired!! I LOVEEEE Thiss Song!!! Legit!
hotsweet 04/08/12,04:52

i really luv this song,because i hope u to marry with selena comez. You match with her.I wish both of you to enjoy your day with her.
jelli 03/01/12,10:52

hi,it iz ze only day zat i always wish 2 be with u,a very happy 18th anniversary justin bieber,apart frum sel am ze only 1 who luv u ze most in zis world.love justin bieber 4ever
jelli 02/14/12,10:05

hi,a very happy valentine day 2 justin bieber n selena gomez.enjoy it as much as u can with her muahhhhhhh
jelli 02/12/12,08:47

hi justin its been a long time zat am not commenting on u.its cuz my mum have unautherise me 2 get acces 2 internet zat all becuz of my sis .she accuse me of duing sumthing bad n my mum trust her.
jelli 02/04/12,02:44

hi justin thanx 4 yr beautiful coments.yessss u shud marry selena right naw.plzzzzz.i luv u n sel so much.you'll be a perfect husband 4 her ;)
Jb luver 01/03/12,00:34

I love this song! it's mine and my friend's favorite song off Under The Mistletoe!! I love u Justin!!
Rachel 01/01/12,19:35

Dmn I luv dis song ppl ask me y I luv u jb coz u dnt luv me nd I tel thm jb luvz his fans nd I'm 1 of thm
tamia washington 12/30/11,23:51

Peyton 12/18/11,14:14

So catchy! Plz reply back to me! I am 1 of your biggest fans. I'm serious. I want to be a singer and I'm working on it. I never knew dreams could really come true, until I learned where u came from.
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