Joe's Rap Lyrics

Uh Uh Uh Uh

Go Joe
Go Joe
Go Joe
Go Joe
Go Joe

Yo Listen I'm Joe Jonas [Go Joe]
I'm your best friend
Open the fridge,
Eat a chicken
Wassup oh
7/11 might be down the street
Beatboxin' with my two feet
Brand new feet
When I was born I walked out of the room I was like
My mom was like
"Yo that's crazy"
And I was like
"Yeah, I'mm a baby"

yo my name's Mufasa I'm the king of the land
I'll come smack you with the back of my hand

Yo get out this is my song
My song
Everybody where you at?
The whole world behind us

Yo I'm behind him
yo check it out I'm behind him

He's behind me
He's behind me

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Meaning to "Joe's Rap" song text (6 meanings)
fofo (love joe) 06/17/10,19:17

joe u are so hot and i like selena and avril and i thing miley cool but u are the bast keep rock (kiss me hold me)
sarah bobbitt 01/18/10,17:25

I like the rap its so funny!I am 12 years old. my mom is angel wings on your fansite she said your really nice i all most have everything jonas brothers posters,albums,etc and i added you on facebook.
joephan 11/01/09,18:56

umm odd but I couldn't stop myself from reading it over and over again and laughing. The whole time I was like oh my God Joe what the heck what is up with u, but ya I am a HUGE fan of them
SammyGirl 10/12/09,20:57

wow sorry to say never really been a big jonas fan but i have to say that i didnt hear it but i read the lyrics thats pretty funny lol
jasmine poitras 09/21/09,18:08

joe i am a huge fan and i would like to learn to sing rap i know that souns crazy since i'm a girl but i was wondering if you could teach me to sing rap please and thank you
amber perez 09/11/09,05:56

i love the rap Joe Jonas i added u on msn please talk some time. im 10 years old and im a huge fan i have a lot of Jonas brothers posters,badges,pencils and i have all ur albums, i love all ur songs.
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