American Dragon (theme Song) Lyrics

He's cool, he's hot like a frozen sun.
He's young and fast, he's the chosen one.
People, we're not bragging,
He's the American Dragon.
He's gonna stop his enemies with his dragon power,
Dragon teeth, dragon tail, burning dragon fire,
A real live wire!

American Dragon,
(Dragon up)
American Dragon,
He's the American Dragon,
(freestyle with the dragon)
His skills are getting faster with Grandpa the Master,
His destiny will walk up streets, showtime, baby, for
the legacy!

American Dragon,
(Jake:From the J,to the A,to the K to the E(speed up)I'm
the mackdaddy dragon of the empire,see ya heard)
American Dragon,
American Dragon, YOW!

p.s.I don't know if .frightdraw. is the right word i just
wrote it like i heard in the original song.

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Nick Jonas 07/19/12,06:20

anyone can say they are the Jonas brother on here its not that hard to put the name in so to the so called Joe Jonas dont say you are him when your not. im not nick im just proving my point you s.o.b.
anonymous 07/14/12,14:12

actually it's freestyle with the dragon not frightdraw with the dragon no offense i understand how you could get mixed up tho
kayla 06/02/10,18:52

ohhh joe!! you rock 2 you are soooo sweet hope to see you on my bday (sept. 19)can u please keep your hair like it is on the song keep on rockin'!!!
Joe Jonas 03/08/10,13:29

Hey Guys, thanks For Your Comments on this Song! We love it Too!!! :) Thanks for Being our Fans you Rock, Your are the reason that We make our concerts... Thank You All!!! :D
justine lois osorio 10/23/09,23:56

I really love it so much.....i like watching the American dragon.... it's ownly now i know that you guys are the singers of is so nice,so cool and awsome oh and by the way congrats!!!!
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