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Talk About The Blues Lyrics

Is this on?

That’s right
I’m talking about the blues
I said I feel so good baby, ohh
I’m talking about the blues
Rolling Stone magazine
On the telephone baby

Talk about the blues,
right now, ohh
Look out, yeah, ha ha ha
That’s right ladies and gentlemen, thank you for
letting me into your home
I’m gonna do it right now,
I’m gonna talk about the blues, ohh

Rolling Stone magazine, Coming on the phone, baby
Talk about that fashion, Haa!


[I use the microphone like the drummer use a tree]

hey, Spin Magazine wanna tell you where you at
But I ain’t getting with that or MTV

Make up your own mind ladies and gentlemen

[That’s bullshit man, you know what I’m talking about]

Do your own thing, Yeah
'Cos that’s a rock and roll blues we did

Rock 'n' roll, yeah
Rock 'n' roll, get real, c'mon
Right now ladies and gentlemen, right now, right now
We’re gonna bring it on down, everybody, do it

Stay with me baby because I got something I want
everybody to hear right now ladies and gentlemen

I don’t play no blues
I play rock and roll
that’s right the blues is number one
The blues is number one ladies and gentlemen but
there’s something I gotta tell you right now

I do not play no blues, I do not play no blues
I play rock and roll
Get it
I play rock and roll
Yeah, that’s right baby, come on momma
Do it baby
I said I feel so good
I said I feel so good
I said I feel so good baby
I said I feel so motherfucking good

That’s right, whoo
Oh behalf of myself, Mr. Judah Bauer, Russell Simins
and everybody at Rolling Stone magazine I'd like to say

Rock 'n' roll

[I know you had something to do with what happened to
my brother]

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