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Ive been waitin all day 4 ya babe,
so wont cha come sit and talk 2 me,
and tell me how were gonna b together always,
i hope ya know when its l8 at night,
i hold on 2 my pillow tight,
and think of how u promised me 4eva,
(i never thought that any1)
could make me feel this way
(now that ur here boy all i want)
is just a chance to say

Get out, (leave) right now
its the end of u and me
its 2 l8 (now) and i cant w8 4 u 2 b gone,
and i know about her (who) and i wonder (why)
how i bought all the lies
u said that u would treat me right
but u wuz just a waste of time (waste of time)

Boy tell me y u lookin so confused,
when im the 1 who didnt know the truth,
how could u eva b so cold,
2 go beind my back and call my friend,
boy u must have gone and bumped ur head,
cause u left her number on ur phone,
(now after all is is said and done)
mayb im the 1 to blame but oh oh oh
(to think that u could b the 1)
well it didnt work out that way


i wanted u right here with me
but i have no choice uve gotta leave
cause my heart is breakin'
with every word im sayin'
i gave up everything i had
on something that just wouldnt last
but i refuse to cry
no tears will fall from these
eyeeees eyeeeeees eyeeeees
ooooooooh oooooooooh
Get out!

Chorus 3 times

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Kerchelle 05/17/12,09:28

Ohhhh, nostalgia! I used to jam to this song all the time in 2003 lol Even though I was only 8 back then haha. Catchy tune, stellar voice, you go Jojo ;)
desiree 04/17/12,19:47

This song reminds me of my ex. He broke my heart and this is the song i listened to. It always makes me feel better.
Synphony Risleen 04/12/12,06:52

all the boys who think of girls as bubble gums, like to chew & throw away,this song is like a huge slap to them, they dont deserve tears,this song teaches the heart broken girls to be strong like JOJO
Guhh!! 06/18/11,12:23

Ilove jojo!! 1 question what happened to her? She hasnt put out a song in awhile that i no of! But i still love her and this songgg!!!
Harry 04/29/11,23:35

jojo has superb voice this song is an inspiration 4 al those stupid girls who locked themselves in their own dark cuz their partners tricked them. so wht the lyf has 2 go on n that is wht ths song abt
*$_nominated_$* 07/20/10,20:18

this song reminds me of my stupid ex boyfriend!glad i dumped his srry A!! haha and i love this song its cool:)
BR00KE L0RREN! ( : 09/17/09,09:03

This Here Song is Amazing! ( : It Means Alot To Me! This Happen To Me Over The Summer Of '09! It Sucks. But i Forgave But Never Forgot!
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