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Alyssa Lies Lyrics

My little girl met a new friend
Just the other day
On the playground at school
Between the tires and the swings
But she came home with tear-filled eyes
And she said to me "Daddy, Alyssa Lies"

I just brushed it off at first
Cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt
Or the things she had seen
I wasn't ready when I said you can tell me
And she said

Alyssa Lies
To the classroom
Alyssa lies
Everyday at school
Alyssa lies
To the teacher
As she tries to cover every bruise

My little girl laid her head down
That night to go to sleep
As I stepped out the room I heard her say

A prayer so soft and sweet
God bless my mom and my dad
And my new friend Alyssa
I know she needs it bad


I had the worst night of sleep in years
As I tried to think of a way to calm her fears
I knew just what it was I had to do
But when we got to school on Monday I heard the news

My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad
The lump in my throat grew bigger
With every question that she asked
Until I felt the tears run down my face
And I told her that Alyssa wouldn't be at school today

She doesn't lie
In the classroom
She doesn't lie
Anymore at school
Alyssa lies
With Jesus
Because there's nothing anyone would do

Tears filled my eyes
When my little girl asked me why
Alyssa lies
Daddy tell me why
Alyssa lies

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Songwriter(s): Jason Michael Carroll
Copyright: Universal Music - Careers, More Than Rhymes Music
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Kayla 10/31/12,20:28

Ive never been abused but i know it hurts because my galf brother was abused by his uncle that he lived with. Its alright i think to spank kids to teach them wrong from right, but some people take it to far and thars. Not ok. If you have that bad drinking or anger problems dont have kids.
choices of evil 10/10/12,17:37

luv this song bt sadly a X removed it aftr he beat me senseless so cephusntrailertrash listen really good 2 the words doubt a thievn abuser would learn a thing never could i sin the way u2criminals have done bt hell awaits your kind stealn momnchilds memoriew and gems u call urself human or dad
james 09/29/12,14:52

growing up i was worried that every single day me or my sister would end up the way this ended we lied all the time to cover and there was nothing anyone to do to get us out of the situation they would just belive what we said
Dana 01/18/12,17:47

Abuse isn't right. It's amazing how much of it happens. The people who r being abused need 2 tell someone 2 help them. They don't deserve 2 go through it. As 4 the people abusing them? They need help.
Violet 01/17/12,17:22

Why would people do this? When I was younger, my parents would lightly smack me, but it was nothing much. I feel so sorry for the innocent children who lose their life to the ones who gave them it. :(
Lex 11/25/11,00:02

People that abuse kids are the most twisted people in the world. If you're a child abuser,you have no heart and will get what u deserve eventually. If you're being abused,my heart and soul go out to u
Megan 10/28/11,09:18

thanks for bring attention to child abuse im 15 and i was abused for a year and a half i had it easy compared to some of my friends abuse is no game and its not okay. i just now got out of the mess in
Riley 04/16/11,18:37

Alyssa lies is a vry sad song.I am 11 yrs old and i have been learning about why people get abused at home and why they wont tell any one about it cause that's is the only how a kid will now bout lies
saraaa 11/01/10,10:19

wow!i absoutley love this songg.. its soooo sad..people that abuse there kids like that ought to go to prision. thats just terrible i new a girl that this happend to her. her dad dnt deserve anything.
someone 05/27/10,21:40

so sad. i know a boy who died this year of child abuse. he was so scared to come home from school . . . i would walk with him but i was afraid to tell my parents and he told me not to . . . :( so sad.
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