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Note To Self (no. 81) Lyrics

I wrote this one with the windows open/ to let in some fresh air or maybe I was half hopin'/ I could fly away from it all/ find a brighter day/ but im here to live my life/ and ill find a way.

I got to thinking/ you know that it aint so bad/ I got my friends and my brother and my mum and my dad/ and I'm thankful for that/ sorry I don't show it enough/ these are the people that I turn to when the going gets tough/ what up? I give thanks to my mates and crew/ like the boys say together we gonna make it through/ and the same goes for you too wherever you hail from/ the words may change but we're singing the same song.

Its in the key of life/ though we might forget the tune from time to time/ man we'll be alright./

See that's life kid/ we just tryna live it right kid/ cause it'll pass in the blink of an eyelid/ so get your smile on and pull your hands high/ stay happy with the now til tomorrow arrives.

If these walls could talk im not sure id wanna listen/ it's a fine line between a game and a competition/ but sometimes I sit back and look at how far we've come and its hard to believe it only just begun/ sometimes I wonder if you really understand the ____ I find inside your encouragement/ sometimes I think of the days way back/ before the hurt crept in and tainted that household name/ love that very households name/ and now that house holds painful memories for some/ endless card games, road trips, charades/ remember the good times im sure there plenty more to come/ see im here now/ ear to ear now/ couldn't see for the storm but horizon's clear now/ and I just want to leave you with these words: no matter where each of us ends up on this earth for what its worth

I just want you all to know that I will love you all forever x 11

Cause what's life/ but a journey of bus fares and train rides/ long days late nights kick snares and bass lines/ hearts broken and tears shed/ good times spent with dear friends/ from sunrise down to sunset/ there's still breath in my chest/ so ima keep walking the line and no I aint done yet/ see I know it can be hard at times/ but you only get one shot don't let it pass you by.

So what if you haven't yet met the love of your life/ so what if you've had your fair share of trouble and strife/ what I m sayin' when im rhyming this/ is I realize we have so little time on this earth/ so from my people down the front to the kid up the back/ let me see you crack a smile if you feelin' the track/ let go of your sorrow and be glad you're alive/ lets all be happy with the now til tomorrow arrives.

See that's life kid/ we just tryna live it right kid/ cause it'll pass in the blink of an eyelid/ so get your smile on and pull your hands high/stay happy with the now til tomorrow arrives x 2

Talk to em adit.

she wraps a smile around her tired face, sick of his heavy rap
this black betty wants to listen to some spider bait
and the sun shines on the window
but it doesnt make her happy like she should be
and he remains her silver lining in this tangled cloud of caps and hoodies
what role is she playing
the lead female
this is no longer his monologue
its the long lost story of this he and she, lyrics to their forgotten song
Dealt? first in single notes then bars the whole movements he sang it proud from the roof tops
she kept it hidden with her written ticket stubs? in her shoebox
Opposites attract until he noticed that she didnt know the words and this flight soon crashed their wings uncurled
his movement of notes rose and feel off the page in a slow mutiny their lost symphony transformed into to remote soliloquies?
and this queen of hearts is now to bent to play uncrowned she is pawned off her kingdom is a hasty trade
but its better to have held aces and castles and gambled all your stakes, mistakes makes jokers of us all a wrong hand played, it all shuffles and folds
a silver lining somewhere links it all, those pieces kept together taken apart back to solitaire
she wraps a smile around his tired face
and he around hers
and for a moment they aren't so tired

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