Heartkiller Lyrics

Farewell heartless world,
I'll send you a postcard burnt
and the flames you tried so hard to extinguish with fear of failing.
I'll write down everything I have learned,
And edit it down to a single word
Love, for you I'm waiting, anticipating

Sparks will fly, beneath the Luna alight
Lazarus at Frankenstein’s,
Babe, I'll be a flatliner for a heart killer.
A little we die, above the lesser light
for you I'm open wide,
Babe, I'll be a flatliner for a heart killer.

Top hats off to the return,
of the beat to lick a wound to
cursed for some and blessed for a few.
It doesn’t have to make any sense at all
Come hither and we'll fall,
In love, for love
I'm crawling out of patience baby


Paint all your sorrows for me to sing
draw your pain and hear me hum it out


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these lyrics are submitted by AxelKanjoVIII

Songwriter(s): Ville Valo
Copyright: Heartagram Oy/Ltd
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johnny 06/23/10,08:25

um H.I.Ms dark light album Was on mtv2 Bam margera bought the rights to the heartagram they toured with the bloodhound gang i wouldnt call them mainstream. But i would not call them underground either
fonz face 03/29/10,21:06

this song is the first i listened to and now im alot more interested in HIM's other songs such as Right Here In My Arms :D
Elysia 02/07/10,22:50

I definitely don't think this is mainstream...It may not be as deep as some of their earlier stuff, but I still love this song. I can't wait to see HIM on April 17th!!!!!
metalheadzy 12/26/09,16:41

some people are complaining saying this song is mainstream, no its not XO HIM is HIM and they are not part of that mainstream bullcrap and never will be, if it was it would be on mtv and vh1
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