Bop To The Top Lyrics

Mucho Gusto
Aye que fabulosa
Rrrrrrrrr aye aye aye
Quieres bailar

I believe in dreaming
Shooting for the stars
Baby to be number one
You've got to raise the bar

Kicking and scratching
Grinding out my best
Anything it takes to climb
The ladder of success

Work our tails off everyday
Gotta bump the competition
Blow them all away


Yeah we're gonna
Bop bop bop bop to the top
Slip and slide and ride that rhythm
Jump and pop pop pop pop till we drop
And start again
Zig zag zop walk like a mop
Scoot around the corner
Moving to the groove till the music stops

Do the bop bop bop to the top
Don't ever stop
Bop to the top
Gimme Gimme
Shimmy Shimmy
Shake some booty and turn around
Flash a smile in their direction
Show some muscle
Do the hustle

Yeah we're gonna
Bop bop bop bop to the top
Wipe away your inhibition
Stomp stomp stomp do the romp
And strut your stuff
Bop bop bop straight to the top
Going for the glory

We'll keep stepping up and we just won't stop
Till we reach the top
Bop to the top.

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Meaning to "Bop To The Top" song lyrics (4 meanings)
Jimbob201 11/08/12,07:28

we love this song so so much. It means alot to us and me and my wife got married to it. Loved hsm since it came out and we are 35 !!!! much love to e-lyrics xxxxx
Venom 07/24/11,14:24

This song, it seems clear to me, is a metaphor for sleeping ones way up the social ladders. Everyone ive asked has agreed. Think about it.
Ashley Tisdale 06/07/11,23:56

Hi Everybody! Do you know me already? It's me Sharpay It's very hard to memorize this song but, i really loved this song.But my most fave is humuhumunukunukuapuaa' Anyway, thanks for liking this song.
sweet heart 2 02/06/10,09:19

Hola i speak english and spanish to i love the song bop to the top it is 1 of my favorite song The role you play as Sharpay how come you are so mean to Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez youre mean.
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