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Go The Distance Lyrics

I have often dreamed,
Of a far off place,
Where a great warm welcome,
Will be waiting for me.

Where the crowds will cheer,
When they see my face,
And a voice keeps saying,
'This is where I'm meant to be'.

I will find my way,
I can go the distance,
I'll be there someday,
If I can be strong,
I know every mile,
Will be worth my while,
I would go most anywhere,
to feel like I belong.

I am on my way,
I can go the distance,
I don't care how far,
Somehow I'll be strong,
I know every mile,
Will be worth my while,
I would go most anywhere,
to find where I belong.

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Meaning to "Go The Distance" song text (4 meanings)
OMGjellybeans 09/07/12,18:55

This song isn't just a song. It has a message,a voice. For me it's telling everyone to live their lives,and that you can fight every horrible disaster that hits.You have to fight it with hope and faith and you have to have courage.NEVER STOP THE FIGHT FOR LIFE. I BELIEVE IN YOU!
Datperson 11/05/14,21:23

The meaning of the song is that he wants to feel like he will be accepted. He would do anything to get there so he will be happy.
Nami S 03/10/14,15:57

It's not a fight, it's a dream and how much that dream is going to need to grow. You have to do anything, go anywhere, for that dream, even when it's scary and unsafe, the destination will be reached someday.
Violatedmonkey 03/16/12,16:58

actually the lyrics are properly arranged its just this is the version from the movie micheal bolton also made another one where the words are a little bit different
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