Heavy D & The Boyz - Somebody For Me
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Somebody For Me Lyrics

Oh yeah.

Love somebo-dy...

(Al B. Sure! harmonizes)

(Chorus 2X: Al B. Sure!)
Love somebo-dy who loves me for me
Happy hap-py where I wanna be

(Heavy D.)
I'll search low, and I'll search high
Tryin to find myself a cutie pie
But destiny leads me to a dead end
(love somebo-dy) Over and over and over again
They told me to wait, so I waited
Anticipated, debatin and delayed it
But still came up with the same ol' thing
.Nothing! (Nothing, nothing...)
It seems as if every time I find a right girl
She turns out to be a big wrong girl
Tell me y'all, when will this madness stop?
(stop, stop, stop, stop...)
I want somebody to love me for me
Not because I'm MC, Heavy D.
I'm looking for a love that's as solid as a rock
(rock, rock, rock, rock...)

(Chorus 2X w/ Heavy D. saying "for me")

(Heavy D. (Al B. Sure!))
Now maybe I'll take a trip around the world
and find myself a beautiful, gorgeous girl
They say when you look, one never find
They also say that love is blind
It ain't that blind that I can't see
Somebody out there who's perfect for me
Somebody who's gonna love me, for me...
(I know you want love...)
Love, THAT'S what I'm talkin about
A relationship, a commitment
Something to live for...
(Maybe if you take, your time...)
Time has been taken and time has been spent
Now it's time for the lover to score...

(Chorus 2X)

(Instrumental for about 17 seconds)

(Chorus 2X)

Yo, Eddie F. break it down!

(Instrumental for about 34 seconds as Heavy D. ad-libs)

(Heavy D.)
Yeah... aight, here we go
So that's the storyline of my life
No cutie PIE, no future wife
Just relationships that bounce back like rubber...
("Yo, word to the mutha!")
I guess I'll call it a day and throw my towel in
'cause it seems that I can't win
So I'll just carry on being an Overweight Lover
("Word... to... mutha!")

(Chorus until fade)

Songwriter(s): Nevelle Hodge
Copyright: Ness Nitty And Capone Inc., Velle International, WB Music Corp.
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