He Is Lyrics

Oh my where do

[Verse 1:]
How do I begin
To answer
The question
I know you been wonderin'
When could
Why could
How could it all be true
These things
Who's that
And what is he to you?

He is
The mind injector
The heart protector
The soul defender of anything I fear
The baby conceiver
The make me believer
The joy bringer
The love giver
He is
The dough increaser
The pleasure releaser
The hard knocks knower without the scars to show ya
The night school teacher
The good life preacher
The caretaker
The kiss craver
He is

[Verse 2:]
The words
Are only
Frosting on my cake
Don't do justice to how I
Feel...so alive
So in love for the first time
No way
Can I hide


He is
He is
Everything, everything I wanted, I wanted
He is
He is
So and so much more than I thought it could be
So I
So I
So I gotta be the same for him
Gotta be the same for him


The make it alrighter
The get you through the nighter
The soul defender of anything I fear
The pain remover
The bad times undoer
The joy bringer
The love giver
He is

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Meaning to "He Is" song text (4 meanings)
tina marie 07/08/10,16:56

when i first heard this song i thought she was talking about god. then i really payed attention and realixed she was talkin about a man. th song is very much powerful and makes me feel some kind of wa
Gee 08/13/12,11:40

Trust me, this song is great way to voice your feelings, when you finally find the one who will be your one and only.
cj 06/25/10,19:22

I knew this song was powerful when my husband said he wanted me to hear a song that he wanted me to sing to him at his birthday party. If you listen to the words you know she loved and respected him.
Rochelle 04/06/10,12:23

I know this song is old, but it hit me in a special way when this man Heather refers to was taken from me with a heart attack. It's such an amazing song.
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