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Honestly Lyrics

I stand before you
accused of many crimes
but i want to believe
that love can still survive
you don't have to say it,
i don't have to read your mind
to know the emptiness
that's finally arrived
How was i,
to know the right from wrong
words were hardly spoken,
so where did i go wrong?
Tell me honestly
if you're still loving me
looking into my eyes, honestly!
Words will have more meaning,
if they're said at certain times
now the all they've seen
i found to be a lie
How would you know it,
you won't give me sometime
to see if everything could work out,
and you'll be mine
Oh, will love be lost forever
but someday i will find
the world we've all been searching for
or just some peace of mind.
(repeat chorus 2x)
All the night i sit and wonder
must be more to laugh, i'm sure that
days and years gone by while i am
living with the.
oh, lonely feeling
(repeat chorus 2x)

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Meaning to "Honestly" (3 meanings)
garie_estela 10/05/12,00:34

love can sometimes be deceiving so one's you met the perfect one whatever happens against all odds fight and never give up for after the rain comes a fresh start a rainbow after the rain.i loveyou gary so much i know this is not just a piece of cake but i'm willing to hold on
garie_estela 10/01/12,02:26

this song was sung for me by my boyfriend gary...he recorded the song when we parted ways 6 years ago and everytime i play the song he recorded i can feel his pain from the past that leads me to realize how much he really loves me...iloveyoumuch gary sorry if i caused you pain...
mielyncuizon 09/23/11,00:01

i really love this song,,,coz, 8 inspires me most!. especially to my boyfriend who never stop loving me and accept me as what i am...to my darling if reads this a little msg.this s 4 u.i lv u so much.
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