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Rockpommel's Land Lyrics

[Announcement: Here we come, here we are all aroundTaking forth our stoney soundStoney arms, stoney legs, stoney brainOne – two – three and again]

Ernie found a hiding place, the only way to stay
A gang of stoney men was scuffing down the way
Stoney noses, stoney heads armed with poisonious eyes
Orchis in their bushlike hands, smoking their stoney size
Run away from this dangerous smoke wich wraps those cursed guys
It turns the air to dusty slime an little boys into flies
Ernie, the stoney men have left this place
That is your chance to win the race

Ernie walked for hours with the midday sun
Was it the right or something-gone-wrong-way, that carried him on
Right thru stoney desert and sand, all around no one was near
Was it the way to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND – little Ernie began to fear

Ernie thought of old Maraboo
He just was so fair
Sadly he touched his magic feather
Suddenly a rush moved the air
Don't fear the shadow over you
It's your old friend Maraboo
When you touched your feather he perceived your pain
And came to help you again

Full moon was shining at their journey's end
Maraboo and Ernie reached ROCKPOMMEL's LAND
The Valley of the Caves, The Peak of Liberty
The Great Gritty Grotto wherein they saw Mr. GLEE
Suddenly little Ernie he heard a thousand children singing
And when he looked up, he saw their shadows filing
Towards the Gritty Grotto shade, where a lattice barred the gate to Mr. GLEE
The good man touched the children's hands
Thru a space in the iron fence, and felt so free
Free, so free, free, so free

The lattice burst down like the ice on the water
Ernie had touched it with his feather
And from drawers at the walls of the cave
Hundreds of goblins tumbled down and danced and sang

(Now we're free, one – two – three
We love thee, Mr. GLEE
Now we're free, one – two – three
We love thee, Mr. GLEE)

The mornig awoke, burning sun warmed the children
They walked hand in hand with each other
Together with Ernie they escorted Mr. GLEE
Home to their town wich now was free

Free from hate is ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, it ain't too late
To open your gate to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND, don't be afraid

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