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Is That You God Lyrics

Ain't it somethin' awwww
How I ain't nothin' ah-awe
And how sore oooh ooooh oooh
It comes from sufferin' ah-awe
Something is alive in me
Something keeps drivin' me
And it keeps right on
God, I got something to tell you...
I think about when I lost half of my leg
I think about the quake that left 40 thousand dead
I think about the troops coming home from the east
I think about taking a mark and worshiping the beast
I think about revelations 19 & 20
Isaiah 18 and Jerimiah 50
I think about me, my momma and my brother
How we grew up on chapel road and had to struggle
I think about all the victims of the hurricane
I think about all the homeless folk, when it rains
think about when we came over here as slaves
And when it's time to leave, who gon' wanna stay?
Sometimes I don't make the right choice
You know my momma say she hear it in my voice
I'm just a brotha with a plan and a purpose
So my hands get sweaty when I'm nervous
Got some good people standing in my circle
Family matters got some folk that'll hurt ya'
Or maybe even help ya'
Just show love for the bro's cause the blood be shelter
And it came with a sacrifice
At a time when the people of the world wasn't living right
Now it's even worse than it ever was
When I see my kids I'mma get a hug
Is that you God? (I hope so)
It's morning and the prodigal son is shinin'
I yawn and stretch and get dressed for some mountain climbin'
I wear it well but this is not by my designin'
The inevitable has impeccable timin'
And if you left it up to me I'd say never
Only God could've brought us back together
And all I say is I obey
You see, the family tree is tatted on my back forever
Uh, and I feel purpose
The salvation army is at your service
Act like you heard it
Cause uh, our only challenge is balance
But I believe that the will of God is perfect
Now let's go
Look at the way he dress, look at the way he talk
My whole attitude is mine and they snow ball
Gipp my right to scripture, hope you get the picture
It gives me the answers, to my different issues
We can conversate and bring the light over and over
The bills keep comin' right?
The devil's gon' test ya'
But really no pressure
Just believe have faith, and hear the record
Diamonds and dollar signs they on my red slippers
Money maker in my time happy hour tipper
Synchronize my rhymes just to help the crime rate
Hope my words change your life

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