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Save Me Lyrics

See me take my bows
And I'm heading for the exits
I can't stick around
This life's been hard
And I can't see the sense in fighting it anymore
Can't let you go
Won't you show me the door
'Cause I've made mistakes
That have hurt the ones I've loved
And I've thrown them under the bus
One too many times
There can be no redemption for a sinner such as I
Won't you wish me to the cornfield now
Won't you help me stop living a lie

So here I am in the corner of a dark room
The same way I began
Alone with these mournfoul thoughts
And a loaded gun in my hand
But a foolish part of me
Still holds out for a shred of humanity
For a queen in a robe or a knight on a steed
Can't you see that I'm just a child on his knees

Save Me from fear and pain
And love will rain on me
Save Me today, 'fore tomorrow
Finds me at rest
Save Me from fear and pain
And love come down and rain on me
Save Me today, for tomorrow, find me at rest

Now I'm standing alone in the moment of truth
As the judgement's handed down
And my feet are scarred from the broken glass
Strewn across the ground
Then you come to my side
And only to you I confide
That I've been battered and shattered and bruised and abused
For the very very last time
Won't you help me, just

Save Me from fear and pain
And love reign o'er me
Save Me, Save Me today
For tomorrow will find me at rest
Save me from fear and pain
And love will rain on me
Save Me today
For tomorrow, find me at rest
Find me at rest...

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Meaning to "Save Me" (1 meaning)
Kyro Vance 02/06/14,20:52

A man who has nothing left in his life and is about to die by an unknown hazard last words, but his friends come in to save him and do before he is injured...but in the end he risks his life for them. In other words watch on YouTube "Till death do us part"...a SFM (source film maker) movie...that uses this song...that shows the meaning of this song...enemy and enemy coming together to defeat another...the true definitioN of an ally...that is all...
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