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Show Goes On Mini-mix Lyrics

I don't really give a damn about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if it's being on a billboard
From the moment I saw Chali 2na rocking under the multi- colored lighting in concert at the Fillmore

I'd kill for
punks and b-girls
never gonna matter I'll be spitting like a water cannon making waves I'm an orca, I recommend a parkas you'll be feeling like you're in the front row at Sea World

Gonna hike it till I make it, it's a good call
taking the mic and i spike it like a football
like a running back
like i'm under the gun but I'm never gonna crack
never could fall
It's like I'm Arnold I'm
skinny but I'm picking up a barbell fine
gonna make it putting my pen to the paper poppin out a novel in a minute
like I'm R.L. Stine

Gotta try because I got a fool's chance
grab the mic up at a middle school dance
Take it from the DJ and I rap until they plug up out on me to stop it or until I get pantsed
fuck it, they can pull the plug I'm gonna kick it acapella, Dockers at my ankles, and I tell em what I'm feeling
even if nobody is listening I yell it to the ceiling and I celebrate the fact that I'm alive and I'm breathing

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