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Superhero Lyrics

Alright lee, i'm just chillin down Shaftsbury, got the gold, catch u later...


Don't go, busting my balls
Or I'll smash your brain all over the walls
It's the chain, and we can't refrain
You're out of your mind just like Dane . Bowers
Were open all hours
Like a superhuman with superhuman powers
Newport was the place I was taught
To do the beatings and so I fought . The law
Like the hooded claw, I'll fcuk you up, if you're sure
You don't wanna get away or escape,
I got a fcukin shell suit cape, like batman

The scampi monkey is in my brain,
He did it before, and he do it again,
Give special powers to my man, P.Xian
He put on a cape and he put on a chain
He can see women's pants if he focus his brain,
He make young girls play special sick games

Death by fire, I make you expire,
I told you I was sane, but you knows i'm a liar
I'm never ever gonna fcukin retire,
You can call me sir, or you can call me sior
Chant of the GLC like a gospel choir,
We've got the hardware like Brandon Tool Hire

We got, transformers robots in disguise,
Huge big up to Newport cabin supplies.

Mind control, and the power of ten
Can serve you right, time and again
While you're in the pub, and out for a fight
The power of ten, will make it right
Pullin a bird, in the back of a club,
Mind control and hypno guarantees a rub
But back at her place, the temptation is strong,
To have a posh wank and hit it hard on the bong

I'll cook you up like gary roads
But instead of a stove I'll use electrodes,
Electricity fills my mind, the draw I'm smoking was special refined
Flames of death, that's what they shout
Down the Coldra roundabout,
The glc, are safe as fcuk no doubt,
I thought I had scabies, but it was gout
Shout, shout let it all out,
The draw and the fags, I can't do without

We got, transformers, robots in disguise
Huge big up to Newport cabin supplies

Climbin up walls and lookin through windows,
With my new plastic pairs,
I can spray spunk on bimbos

Where'd he come from? He sounds like Michael Caine
He's an honorary member of the Goldie lookin chain
He's got funny glasses and a big wavy maine
And if you ask his name, he'll say it's BBJ

Transformers, robots in disguise
Huge big up to Newport cabin supplies

Do ray me la so la tee doe
Don't you know, I smokes the blow
I goes down the strip club to watch the show,
I got my own seat in the fcukin front row
All the girls love me, especially Joe
And afterwards she lets me have a go

Were like, Transformers, robots in disguise
Huge big up to Newport cabin supplies

Transformers, robots in disguise
Huge big up to Newport cabin supplies

Songwriter(s): Garrison Starr
Copyright: Superhero Music, Peermusic Iii Ltd.
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