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I See Him Lyrics

I SEE HIM by Frank Edward

I can see Him from afar with fire in His eyes
He's standing by your door He's waiting for you

I see Him standing by the door
With fire in His eyes and healing in His wings to heal
Someone who believes so open up your heart
He's waiting for you.

Life is more than just a dream
How far can you see
What you say is who you are
When you believe you will receive {Chorus}

oh oh oh... should i go or should i stay oh
There is a fire in my eyes and healing in my wings oh oh yeah
Whatever you want is here today oh oh oh
Just open up your heart and let me in

And I hear God Speaking through my mind
He’s seeing through my eyes
With fire in His eyes to heal
Someone who believes open up your heart
He's waiting for you.

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Meaning to "I See Him" song text (9 meanings)
Pastor Kwaku Frank 03/06/14,09:07

Bro Frank.... God really bless you for this powerful song... Anytime i hear this song, i hear God speaking to me, ..Beloved, I refuse to be afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love Today. My redeemer lived, i can face tomorrow....
nmai jerry 09/03/12,05:23

this song is so inspiring. i always get some comfort anytime i listen to this song. it shows how much God loves and cares for us.
Wisdom Dela Apprey 11/19/12,06:03

The song really means our God is cabable of doing everytin.....wit him all tins are possible....the song really touches ma heart
Opeyemi Ogunwuyi 10/17/12,20:38

I love this song so much...i listen to it whenever i'm weak and tired. I can't wait to meet the singer in person, because i'm a musician as well. God bless!
Pammie 09/24/12,02:53

I love this song so much. It gives me hope for a new life in Jesus. Oh! Thank you Jesus for Frank this inspiration.
Loly 09/21/12,18:34

itz powerful and anointed.takes one into the throne room of the most high with such greet expectations.
yinka 07/05/12,10:00

I love this song. its really lovely nd inspiring. Jesus the saviour is always ready to save those who come to Him...
Hayford Kweku Kwakye 12/20/12,23:19

God richly bless you bro Frank Edwards,i was really touched by this song when i heard this song on the first day and it always rings in my hears. i believe wherever i am God can see me and he watches over my life. Once again God bless u bro Frank
Mercy 11/19/12,13:43

Dis song makes me to understand that God is ever ready 2 bring me back home, all i need to do is to open up my heart. I really love it!
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