Four Bitchin' Babes - I Don't Wanna Know
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I Don't Wanna Know Lyrics

I dont wanna know, I dont wanna know
Do I have to listen as on and on you go. Must you keep on yappin You tabloid so and so, Feed it to the bad dogs, I dont wanna know. Did she love him, did she hate him
Did she need him, did she save him
Did she whispher tender mercies
Hushed so soft and low.
Did she hold him in a vice grip
Scold him with a black whip
Thats her secret business baby
I dont wanna know CHORUS: I dont wanna know, I dont wanna know
I dont wanna know, I dont wanna know Did he love her, did he hate her
Did he stiff her, did he pay her
Did he promise he would take her
No matter where hed go
He held the country in his right hand
What the hell, hes just a man
Theres a blue dress on the witness stand
I dont wanna know. CHORUS You let the gossip mongers spin
Speculating on a whim
It makes me angry, makes me sad
You feel good, that I feel bad
I cant stand to hear it, read it
See it feel it.
Baby now you got me disgusted and afraid
When I ask you for the time Dont tell me how the watch is made
They say the devils in the details, Take them with you when you go.

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