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Supastar Lyrics

(feat. Common)

This is a message from the Mother.
She told me to tell my brother…she loves you.
And I do too.
'Cause you're my Supastar…you are.

Verse 1:
It's a pretty day
Let's go outside and enjoy it.
If you've got something else in mind,
Then I'm all for it.
I will take the chance.
I will take your hand.
And we'll go there…
Go there.
Love isn't something that is earned,
It's deserved.
Love is something I can give,
'Cause I'm worth it.
You're amazing.
I am taken in.
You're so lovely,
I can…

I can see you,
Tell me what you wanna do.
I know who you are,
You're my Supastar. (x2)

Verse 2:
(Common 8)
My love is honest and true and I can prove it baby.
My love is everything to you if you choose it baby.
You're amazing.
I'm so taken in.
You're so lovely,
I can…


Verse 3:
You know I liked him so much it turned into loving,
Then the love backed the like now I feel like I birthed him,
Or nursed him and named him “so full of potential”,
He stands tall,
I feel his internal.
Fine like the earth and the sea and the sky,
Together we make stars,
We are truly fly,
I wanna paint him,
Take a picture of his soul,
This story should be told.
See he's like everything I dreamed of,
But better than the preview,
Now everything he's working on,
Got me saying me to.
Like he's food and I need…
Blood 'cause he bleed.
He real 'cause I see…
It's all meant to be,
Remember how to make believe.
These brothers aren't your enemy,
You're in a state of disbelief,
Without you're heart you'll never be,
So sistahs sing along with me 'cause you're love is true.


My love is honest and true and I can prove it babe.
My love is honest and true and I can prove it babe.
(I can prove my love)

Songwriter(s): Natalie Stewart, Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Copyright: Songs Of Universal Inc., Senseless Music, Aboukir Music, Reservoir Media Music
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