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Don't Want Your Excuses Lyrics

At this point in my existence, I've seen a lot of people come and go
some for whom I'd give my life and some I would rather not know
but despite the fakes and lames, I carry on without doubt
nothing can stop my aim for I will never re-route
many have lost faith and sold out to greed
but the strong still remain to fight and die for their creed
now without further explanation, and without any shame
this song is for the ones who have chosen to fall, Fuck You I'm still here and I
remain the same

Don't want your excuses don't want your lies
you vowed your honor and broke the ties
it was victory or death, brothers till the end
but I guess that you didn't fuckin comprehend
you swore your loyalty, swore your pride
then turned to the life that you used to despise
what have you accomplished, what have you proved?
why the fuck did you choose to loose?

Now at this point in my life, my tolerance runs dry
I've had it up to here with fuckin games, bullshit and lies
do you ever wonder what goes through peoples heads, what goes on in they're
what makes them decide to turn they're back and leave everything behind
is it out of greed, or is it out of fear?
I guess they fell victim to society's corruption and they're destiny became
it's survival of the fittest the warrior will survive
and live on forever while the weak are forgotten and die

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