Ferlin Husky - Money Greases The Wheels
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Money Greases The Wheels Lyrics

There's a whole lot of talk about loving but let me tell you how I feel
Loving may keep this old world turning but money greases the wheels
I said the money greases the wheel

Well one time these two brothers were floatin' down the river on a raft
One brother fell in the water the other brother ah he just laughed
And said I'll save you for a dollar and a half
Well there's a whole lot of talk...

Well a long time ago this outlaw he robbed and killed and stole
His girlfriend heard about a reward she went to the sheriff and told
And got ten thousand dollars in gold
Well there's a whole lot of talk...
[ steel ]
Well one time in Las Vegas a gambler was shootin' craps
He lost all his money and his baby but when he won his money back
He got ten new babies on his lap
Well there's a whole lot of talk...
Well there's a whole lot of talk...

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