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If You Could See Lyrics

-Flesh n Bone-{Layzie Bone}-
{Now, I think playtime is over} Yeah, what's happenin', platinum? {Nuttin} Man, you know what's happenin' {I'm just tryin' to see if I could see what you see} (If you could see what I could see...) Follow me (Rip...)

-Flesh n Bone-(Layzie Bone)-Chorus-
If you can see what I can see (All aboard!)/ Nothin' but real G's in back of me, that's my Mo Thug family/ If you can see what I can see Straight from the land of C-L-E, Flesh Bone, your thug in harmony/ Follow me

-Flesh n Bone-
Straight from the city of Cleveland and without no warning, bringin' a storm/ Feel the wrath, you won't escape it, baby, you might as well start mournin/ I don't wanna blow my own horn, but niggas, I think we the coldest/ Mo Thug, our mighty warrior soldiers takin' over/ You better know it, what's the deal?/ Nigga, my trues stay real/ I'm gonna make you feel this/ When I pull out my steel, put a slug in your grill/ Servin' these hoes up easily/ With a nine-millimeter glock, real murderers/ Haven't you seen this killer befo?/ For sure you niggas heard of us/ Steady kickin' dust up in your face/ Ever since, I've tried to stay safe/ By keepin' bustas in their place/ I'm known as the F-L-E-S-H slash/ B-O-N-E from the C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D/ Come on and follow me/ Let's see if you can see what I can see/ Better realize, my enterprise way too rowdy, you tried to test my size, but why?/ These niggas can't fade the Fifth Dog when I parlay/ Everyday doin' it, how we keep doin' it?/ Thug style, that's our way


-Layzie Bone-
I bounce around like a gypsy/ If you wanna holla, just hit me/ I know these jackets out to get me/ But they just can't get with me/ I swig my forty til it's empty/ Better crack my Moi, let my senses stay on 'noid as I watch for my boys, and I ain't phony/ Homie, listen, I ain't got nothin' to lose/ You critisize, but won't realize/ You ain't never walked in my shoes/ Play by the rules or lose/ I ain't tryin' to be comin' up stankin' for some fools/ Make a mistake and fakin', straight up playa hatin/ Silly nigga, you should have been out here paper chasin'/ Done got yourself off in some fucked situation, straight facin' life vacation/ Try to point at yourself, you to blame/ Although, it'll never be the same, you wanna replay the game, shame, shame, shame/ How you figure life an arcade?/ Put your quarter in and play/ But nobody's here to stay, even me L.B. endin' up D-E-A-D/ Before you sleep six feet deep/ I hope you see what I can see


-Wish Bone-
And if all of y'all can see what I see/ Then you're probably rollin' with me/ Me, cause everybody knows, who sees what I sees/ Are all apart of my Mo (Mo, Mo) Thug family/ Steadily climbin', platinum rhymin/ Leavin' these bustas straight behind me/ Hope it don't never end, stackin' dividends/ Just me, myself, my platinum friends/ Let's ride in a world so cold, world so cold/ Now look at these thugs makin' major dough/ Now, look at these haters, wanna holla, hoes, wanna holla, hoes?/ What, what you're needin', buck, buck, and you'll be bleedin/ And you don't wanna go out like that, do ya?/ Cause if you do, you're fuckin' with the right shooter/ And if you wanna see what I see, this is all I see/ When you ask me, what I see, and it's all fucked up, up, up/ Said, it's all fucked up, this is all I see...


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