House Of Pain Lyrics

It's a little past supper time
I'm still out on the porch steps sittin' on my behind,
Waiting for you.
Wondrin' if everything's alright,
Moma said,"Come in boy, don't waste your time,"
I said,"I've got time. Well he'll be here soon."
Five years old and talkin' to myself.
Where were you? Where'd ya go? Daddy can't you tell?


I'm not tryin' to fake it, and I ain't the one to blame.
No, there's no one home in my house of pain.
I didn't write these pages and my script's been re-arranged.
No, there's no one home in my house of pain.

Wasn't I worth the time?
A boy needs a daddy like a dance to mime and all the time,
Ilooked up to you.
I paced my room a million times.
And all I ever got was one big line, the same old lie.
How could you?
Well I was eighteen years and still talkin' to myself.
Where were you? Where'd ya go? Daddy can't ya tell?

Well if i've learned anything from this, shh, it's how to grow up
on my own.

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Meaning to "House Of Pain" (8 meanings)
Jason 01/13/14,07:27

This is my song. My dad split when I was 5. I saw him less than 10 times since then. I am nearly 40 now. I hold no judgement. I only want to show him how I turned out. My older brother died of cancer, not even sure he knows. I have traveled the world helping people and teaching. I forgive my dad. To all other fathers that feel you have messed up. There is forgiveness. I pray you can once again embrace your son or daughter. I would give anything to have my dad hug me again.
Andrea 06/18/12,00:02

This is so sad! I listen & my heart is torn for myself, as a fatherless child, but my soul is shattered for my own son! I know the pain. And on either side of the fence, it hurts .@jimmyh: my prayers
Jesse 03/17/14,21:21

Im 17. My dad past away last year, and was deprived from me for a few years before that. I remember him singing this to me and telling me that he would give anything to take away the pain he had put on me in the past years. Now I ride around in my truck and crank this song up and drive looking to find myself and feel like im with my million-mile dad again. I miss him like crazy, and I wish I could hear his hello. To all you out there who feel similar or just feel down about the way things might be for ya, take it easy. You have something out there. Even if you feel like such a big piece has been missing, remember you still have a life to live, and one day youll have a family of your own. Live for them. You know whats the wrong thing to do, which means youll know how to do it maybe a little better. Forgive your fathers, and tell him you love him. You never know when you might see him for the last time.
Ben 11/21/12,17:09

To my son and daughter: I'm sorry. I tried to fix things I did wrong, but it was far too little and too late. Just know it wasn't because of you. I love you with all my heart and I would trade everything I have to undo the hurt I caused.
Gerard 02/05/14,08:12

When I first heard this song, it touched my to my core. My father, (I call him "the sperm donor"...), left us, a single mother with twin boys, when we were 2 years old. I hadn't heard from him for 40 years, not until his death, when his other family, the woman he left us for and their adult children attempted to contact us, saying he always loved us... What an insult, I do not consider them family, and for them to wait until his death to contact us, unforgivable!
Randy 01/29/14,01:12

I grew up without my father. Parents divorced before I can remember. I did get to see him now and then, thanks to my Grandpa, but he lived out of state. He died when I was 12 or 13. This song is right there. Chokes me up when I watch video. ICONIC!
DJ 11/29/11,13:34

This song kills me everytime!! My son and I were best friends since he was born 6 years ago. I recently divorced my wife, and it is impossible to explain to him I didn't leave him I left his mother!!
Phillip 01/21/14,06:14

Wow, powerful stuff! I miss my dad so much, he was gone a lot while I was young. I have 3 children and hope they never feel the way this poor kid and the folks commenting felt. Glad to see none of the hateful troll comments usually following something like this.
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