Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die


Dance Or Die Lyrics

Verse 1:
Transmission radio, radio...respond if you're alive
Give me a sign of life
I need to say to you, say to you...I've found a way to
One hope for all mankind

B Verse 1:
We're gonna take control
Dancing is your weapon
Let your moves unfold
Kill 'em with your steppin'

We can win this war
It's time to come together
Now we're stronger than we were before

Chorus 1:
They're trying to take our lives
But we will survive
We're running out of time, the world ends tonight
Unless we dance or die
Dance or die

Verse 2:
Transmission radio, radio...take back the night
Dance for your right
I'm on my way to you, way to you...we can reunite
And watch the sky ignite

B Verse 2:
They couldn't take the sound
They fall harder when they're bigger
Yeah they all crashed down
Our party pulled the trigger

We won this war
Because we came together
Made 'em wish that they were never born

Chorus 2 and 3:
They try to take your lives
But you will survive
Look into my eyes, don't say goodbye
You gotta dance or die
Dance or die

I declare a dance war
Dance or die

Yeah it's five-six-seven-eight
Now we're gonna celebrate
Dance or die

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Elly 05/17/10,10:13

Eboneyse. if u aint gonna support then you mind as well go somewhere that no one can find you. we all happen to like this song so back off. gosh dang.
DanceMaster 02/12/10,16:38

This is the single most incredible song in the world. Nothing compares to its epicness and nothing ever will. Family Force 5 is the band to end all bands.
eboneyse stewart 01/16/10,02:07

i hate this song and i h-h hate family force 5 what are they gothegs or something i get scard just looking at them
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