Fabolous - Body Count
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Body Count Lyrics

[Chorus: Fabolous]
I see dead people
I see dead people
I look in my pocket and I see dead people
I see dead people
I see dead people
I look in my pocket and I see dead people

One, two, three, body count
One, two, three, everybody count
One, two, three, body count
I check my other pocket more bodies found

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
More bodies I'm back for more bodies
The competition is a skinny bitch nobody
I'm running and I know's it
That's why I'm so snotty
You little boys sit yo ass down, no potty


[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Let's keep it a hundred
That's word to Ben Frank's
Money's what you can count on when your friends ain't
Grass green over here
Green like the kushes
I got presidents in my jeans like the Bushes
We don't chase money we chase dreams
Rub this money in your face, face cream
Doctors say I have a problem
I see nothing but the bread
Told me close my eyes "what you see"
You know what I said!


[Verse 3: Fabolous]
And if I go make sure the family gets the cash
And at my funeral there's only 1 wish I ask
Give the haters one last chance to see me cause this they last
Turn me over one by one let them kiss my ass
I see dead people
I see dead people
Pocket full of ego, big head people
One two three body count rising
And everybody got their hand out f**king Heisman
Your boy just convinced her that she gorgeous
Must have took a couple thousand of them Georges
They call me funeral they call us [? ]
Face on point they should call us swordfish
He got a gang of money
You can't stop his drive
He in the blue six screaming out stop it five
Black out jewelry, you still see it though
I make a moviue in the club, you still see it though


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Songwriter(s): John Jackson, Christopher Breland
Copyright: No Question Entertainment, Emi April Music Inc., Christopher Breland (BMI), J Brasco
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