Fabolous - Black Bird (Ft. Broadway)
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Black Bird Lyrics (ft. Broadway)

[intro: fabolous]
and she know we killing em
and some people don't like it, but she still feeling 'im
my black bird
and she know we killing em
and he ain't always right, but she still feeling 'im
i'mma need you to spread your wings
and fly away with me, baby

[verse 1]
i'm john dilli
you play billie
ride to that soul tape — “y'all don't really
hear me though, y'all don't really hear me though”
long as i'm with you, babe, it don't matter where we go, yo
yellow chick, she no canary though
that's my blackbird, she clearly crow
we met a year ago and you been looking sexy since
think your e's for “effort”, you get e's for excellence
black excellence, you in all-black
you know who she with, you should fall back
when i was down, baby, you knew i'd crawl back
and when i lost you, you knew i'd call back
hello? hey doll, it's me
never lockouts when you play ball with me
and it's consequences but she understands
that she riding with a wanted man

[hook: broadway]
i don't care about what they gon' say
you already what they gon' play
you my black bird, that ain't gon' change
i need you to spread your wings
to fly away with me, baby
that's my black bird
i need you to fly away with me, baby
that's my black bird

[verse 2]
we at the safe house, hiding out
cause all eyes be on us when we sliding out
what if we could get out of here altogether?
don't pack no bags when we land, hit the mall, whatever
you and me now, no more what you call a job
gotta take what you want in life, some people call it rob
i get to the money, minute forty seconds flat
it ain't hard to tell, so we expecting rats
but it's me and you against the world
feel like the odds is in our favor
the smart money's on my baby girl
when others fear, we are at our bravest
back at it not a hour later
it must suck being our neighbors
and it's consequences, but she understands
that she riding with a wanted man


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