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Minimum Wage Lyrics

I don't wanna go to work
I just wanna lie here in bed all day
Working for minimum wage ain't to good of pay
Nowhere I'd rather be
Oooh In the sea, that's where I belong
Maybe with my band
Jammin on this reggae song
But it's time to go to work now
Maybe I'l come instead
Maybe Heaven will fall to earth
Better make it quick

I go on through my days
Oooh Like a Man in a drunken haze
Life will find a way no matter what they say

I tossed and truned all night
Oooh and sat in my bed
I try to make it rite
but I forget about it instead

The boss says come in here
But I pretend that I'm asleep
My life is falling falling
I'm in trouble deep

Maybe I'll talk to god
But will he talk to me
And I'm trying to be stong now
But I'm so damn weak

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