If I Can't Have U Lyrics

(I'm gon kill that bitch
Why you do this to me baby?
Somethin's wrong, somethin's definitely wrong
Somethin's wrong)

Early Sunday morning I woke up from my sleep
My bitch was on the creep
And shit was gettin knee deep
I looked up at the clock, it said 12:02
And ain't no tellin what I'm bout to do
I thought she knew
Animalistic nigga out the zoo
Crazy, oh it's true
Call my bitch boo
I jumped up out the bed, I saw her panties on the flo'
Got visions of a nigga f**kin my ho
At the mo-mo
I left up out the house, my mind was still in a daze
I left the street sweeper, dragged around in a rage
Paranoid, I betta calm down fo' i bust
12:30 in the mornin, thinkin who can I trust?
Cuz I know she with that nigga that I saw in my dream
And once I catch the bitch, I'ma make the ho scream
So now I walk around with the gauge in my hand
Cuz my bitch sucks the dick of some other man

If I can't have nigga can....and[x2]

I smell pussy all the way from up the block
As I walk
Schizophrenic, as the voices in my head start to talk, sayin
(You know yo bitch f**kin that nigga,
you know yo bitch f**kin that nigga
You know yo bitch f**kin that nigga,
Damn--I end up at the Motel 6
I see my car parked in front, visions of pussies and dicks
I thought my dick was the only dick she sucked,
the only nigga she f**ked
I guess I was wrong, then my mind got gone
It was on
Metamorphasize, now she dies
Dr. Jekyl turns into Mr. Hyde
I ran to the room with the strongest pussy fumes
Comin through the do', didn't know what was in sto'
I kicked the do' open...oh shit, guess what I saw?
Eazy-E, was f**kin my bitch raw--AW

(Not Eazy, not EAZY!!)

If I can't have you, no nigga can[x2]

( gotta kill my bitch--I'm gon miss her)

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