Water Shows The Hidden Heart Lyrics

Er-rhee-mo may nay
Say la na or-ro
Pirr rro say a nna
A-he rhay
Pr-ma na so la
Be-o so bay hey
Abr a-ma rhay na
A-he rhay o rhay mr-hee mo-ay.

Plu vy a vay la
Neth-ee la rhay na
Beas t'ear rhee ay na
A-he rhay
Kor-rhee-ay a mmay he
Sy-fy ra may-na
Mmer koul a rhay a
A-he rhay o rhay mr-hee mo-ay.

In t-'so a llow
Mer-ra a rro yo ho
Pr-ma na o yo ho
Sa pur na o mmay
In t'-so a llow
Ymm b'-ear a-ya ah
Play m'-oo na na
So muor a nay ha
ln t'-so a llow
Ch'ear o nno ah mmay o
A bo'or ah mor rhee ay mo-ay.

Air ran-o-mma-yo
Pury-rhay-so am-ee
Es-pea rro a nno
A-he rhay
In ju lee a-ya
So llow la bay
Ka na mor a no
A-he rhay mo-ay.

Dh-r-hay m-ma lay
Sa-dh-ka lay
Da rhay da bay say
Nno mmay-day-nay
Sa-yee a rhay mo o

Kan ta so mmay o
Sy oom brra-a-ya
Dy a blay a llow
A-he rhay
A-ru la mma-ya
Orr-ran-to or-ro
Be-rus say a mma
A-he rhay mo-ay.

Mo-ay eed-hoo dhoo ee-oo.

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