Eminem - Paul Rosenberg (Skit)
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Paul Rosenberg (Skit) Lyrics

Hey Em, it's Paul
Uh, listen I just got a call from the label
And you're probably not gonna be surprised but, um
Michael Jackson is extremely upset about the 'Just Lose It' video
And um, I mean he's pissed so I-I don't know what he's gonna do
But we gotta talk about how we're gonna handle this, um
Oh yeah, anyway, somebody told me that, um, they heard a rumor that you got a new gun, um
I know it's probably not true, but I just need to talk to you about that
So, uh, give me a call

Songwriter(s): Marshall Mathers
Copyright: Eight Mile Style Music, Sony/ATV Melody
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Rikki-Lee Kaiser 12/03/11,23:00

Eminem is letting ppl know that he takes advice from ppl he trusts. He trusts this man so that is one way we can get in contact with him..thru paul. Eminem is crazy..crazy enough tobeasubliminalgeniou
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