Always The Love Songs Lyrics

We use to pull off highway 249
Had a cool little place where we'd go hide on a Friday night
And get away from the city lights
We'd find a little wood and build a fire
Somebody'd always bring a couple guitars
And we'd take turns, singin songs and watchin it burn
We'd do "Ramblin' Man", "Proud Mary", and "American Band"
We'd be singin at the top of our lungs

It was always the love songs everytime
Made everybody feel something inside
With the fire down low, held your girl real close
Made you wanna love the one you were with
Gave you the courage for that first kiss
It was the love songs, always the love songs

There was always a line stuck in your head
That was said in a way you wished you could've said
But you both knew they were singin it right to you
It felt so good those times you had
That feelin of wanting somebody so bad
Made you weak in the heart you couldn't take being apart
Honky Tonk drinkin songs, we could do em all night long
But the ones i remember most

(repeat chorus)

We'd be singin at the top of our lungs

(repeat chorus)

Always the love songs
Always the love songs

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Meaning to "Always The Love Songs" song text (4 meanings)
evil should b stopped 01/10/12,04:30

shame on ex of parents that cant stay outta ppls homes n fam tradtnz nmusic colletn sorentos courtn duo mikentasha enjoy r music n hell as u cant make oplace else karma will taste good 4 u2!!!
Sarah 03/09/11,18:04

I just heard this song, omg! it is really really good!..it makes me smile and remember those days :) man, those love songs get me thinkin every time!! :)
happyhappyhappy:) 03/05/11,20:02

oh i love this song soooo much tks me bck to a sweet time in my life and my daughter love this song 2 there r no words just happppy
kenna:) 09/05/09,18:41

omg this song is soo true..love songs make me feel this wayy too:) i toatally understand what he is talkin bout!don't know whyy no one has commented this song yet..but I LOVE IT;)
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