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Cutie Patootie Lyrics

They call me cutie, cutie patootie
rocking out the pageant stage and shaking my bootie
cutie cutie patootie,
I'm a little southern girl but no I'm not snootie
see my face in magazines papers and the TV screen
CNN GMA got my own facebook page
pretty hair pretty eyes glitzy dress grand prize
books dolls TV deals Donald Trump keep it real,
I'm a cutie cutie patootie
Ruthie Burnette the showgirl appearing in movies
sweetie, sweetie pateetie
Loving the attention but no I'm not needy
Thank you Shirley Temple for paving my way
I got my start in pageants
And I'm here to stay
they say little pageant girls fly by night
but it looks like Oprah Winfrey is doing alright,
I'm a cutie cutie patootie
A squeezy, squeeze me Bon cheesy
A smoochie, that wearing Gucci
A snuggle, snuggly cuddle

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Meaning to "Cutie Patootie" song text (12 meanings)
EdenLuvr 09/02/12,13:04

i think she is a lovely little girl and she can do whatever she wants to, so stop hating. Her mother isn't abusing her. her mother is just letting her little girl do what she wants to do. (YOLO)x10!
lauren-pageant-princess 08/07/12,15:13

Eden should do whatever she wants to. She's only 5 so stop bullying her. And shes not spoilt, shes just a really cute and pretty pageant princess
abby casillo 07/27/12,10:34

this song is so cute and for a 5 yr. old little girl she is doing amazing! go eden wood and keep up thee great work c:
Tiger 07/22/12,06:59

Has anyone even thought about how this cutie patootie stuff is goin 2 effect her child and adulthood, I mean she could be teased and bullied it could affect her mentally and or physically.
:) 06/22/12,16:49

She is so cute but can sometimes be brat. The lyrics stink, but she is still a little girl so thats fine! :)
Abby Claire 05/26/12,15:37

I think Eden Wood roxs. This song and Eden Wood inspire me so when I have a daughter she's going to be just like Eden Wood-being in pageants and singin this song!!!
EDEN STINKS 05/19/12,16:36

Eden's talentless. She just was on Toddlers and Tiaras. That's how she got known. Sure she is pretty, but she is not talented. She could be a model, but she is not good at acting or singing.
Anon 04/19/12,05:57

She is not a spoiled brat, she worked hard to get where she is. She is adorable and she's showing young and older people that its not too hard to become famous, you just need to believe to achieve.
go eden! 02/28/12,08:58

she is a little girl, she is NOT a spoilt brat at all. you's can all state what you like hey the haters can hate, cant wait until she takes hollywood by storm.
Common Sense 02/22/12,18:10

A 5 year old does not need to be singing about shaking her 'booty' or whoring herself out for material objects.
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