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Tales Of The Funky Lyrics

Funk is my mother, George is my father
Obsessed with creating another author
Now I remember back when everything was On the One(Nah, they couldn't get none)Let me take you back a little further than that
The Mothership Connection and the rest of the pack
But think back, when Bootsy's Rubber Band hit the stage
With the star-shaped bass, we send the crowd into a rage
Stop, look up, and what do you see? The Mothership landing in DCSo, yo, thank God for Parliament
Everybody funky knows that they was heaven sent
There's Michael Hampton at one end of the stage
Banging out Maggot Brain with Eddie Hazel
Yo, I remember that and you do too
He would always call the Mothership down for you
Ga-ga goo-ga, ga-ga goo-ga, ga-ga goo-ga
Yeah, you can do it, Humpty, don't be shy
But Shock G, come and reminisce with Shorty BYou know that I was born one of the Funkentelechy
Humpty-Hump and the Horny Horns why don't you blow for me

Tales of the F-U-N-K-Y, tales of the funky
She said, I know the drummer can you let me in? Tell the guitar player that I brought my friends
She was fine, sweet with a touch of class
No Head, No Backstage Pass
Funk used to be a bad word to you
I couldn't stop myself writing a funky rap or two
So Free Your dull-ass Mind your funky Ass Will Follow
Your funk is watered down, in other words it's kinda shallow
Get Up to Get Down, I said I'd Rather Be With You
George and Bootsy, what a hell of a crew
But since you've been lost, yo, I've been so lost too
So Flash your Lights in the air
And don't forget that the funk Mob is everywhere
Don't be Standing On the Verge of Gettin It On
And George'll be the first to tell yo

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