Die Antwoord - Hey Sexy
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Hey Sexy Lyrics

O fok! tjek die kind!... oh f**k! check dis chick!
Hey! hello baby!

Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop! woop!

I'm so bright my mama call me her son
Where I'm from shit's f**ked so I bought me a gun
Our president talks wid a f**kin fork in his tongue
Beats banging in my head so I walk wid a bump
In my own zone, my sweet reality
Got f**kall 2 do wif yor bleak reality... nothing
In souf afrika I'm da boss of da game
In da overseaz shit's like f**kin insane
I'm walking down da street hot chicks calling my name
It's like I dropped a cap of acid and it's not going away
Since we dropped zefside 2 years ago
Still freak out every muddafukka who hears my flow
I know how 2 get da dough! know how 2 spend da dough
Rocking alexander wang from head 2 toe
Yo! suid afrika, fok ja!... f**k yeah!
Ninjaz here 2 save da muddafukkn day

Girl u looking fit!
Dat body'z legit!
Shake what your mama gave u baby!
Woop! woop! woop!
Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop!

Yo I'm a lazy arse, scruffy hair, outa bed stumbling...
Grumbling: where's my coffee?
Illegal cigarette smoking, mix it up wif da best dope den...
Get my head open!
Den I get da freekmode munchiez
I'm so famous dat da police don't bust me
Fok dis yolandi vi$$er! can I get yor autograph pleeez? f**k it's yolandi
Dat's right it's all about me!
I like partying! partying! partying! damn!
Ask my man alexander wang
I hang on da zefside of da train trax
Careful if u cum round u'll get dat gold chain snatched
Face smashed! brain bashed! car jacked!
Oh shit! brown streaks creeping up yor arse crack
Lelik! wen we f**k off, we drive fast ugly
Guys ask 4 my number coz I got a nice arse


Let's go do sum drugz man!
Uh... no fanx my brudda, ninja not a...
No brain having, cocaine jamming up my nose...
Brain spazzing paranoid muddaf**ka... nah
I got it going on girl
No longer signed 2 intocoke recordz
Dropped dem like a sack of bricks tied 2 my leg
Now I got dem wings on my anklez!
Bobaas boner blowing in da wind!... big boss boner
Arigato good smile! I'm glowing from within... thank u good smile
Hiphop's f**ked! it's gone from: 'move bitch! get out da way! '
All da way 2: 'when I was 13... I took my 1st drugz'
What da f**k? cheese iz kaas!... cheese
Help me out, all I want iz 2 b surprized!
C'mon f**k wif me baby! f**k wif me baby!
Wat stink meer as a snoek? n fokken snoek se poes... what stinks worse
Than a fish? n fish's cunt
Ons issie antwoord!... we are the answer!
Haha! what's die vraag?... what's the question?
Kykie... laat ek jou wys maak, hies die vraag:.look here, let me make u
Wise, here's the question:
Hoe die fok het n lelike doos soos jy... how the f**k did a ugly cunt
Like u
Uit jou ma se mooi poes gelgly?.slide out your mom's pretty little pussy?
U f**king wif da ultimate! try f**k wif me!
God knowz ninja party properly!
Drinking all night, pissed in my pants plus my breath stinks!
I'm like a dog wif no legs, u'll find me where u left me

Still feeling fit!
Dis body's legit!
Shake what yor mama gave u baby!
Woop! woop! woop!
Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop!

Skud daai holle lelik!... shake dem asshole's ugly

Shoe! dis n asemrowende hol daai!... shoo! that there is one breathtaking

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Songwriter(s): Watkin Tudor Jones, Anri du Toit, Anri Visser, Delia Derbyshire, Justin de Nobrega
Copyright: Sony/ATV Tunes LLC, Sony Music Entertainment (South Africa) Pty Ltd., North Park Publishing
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