Family Lyrics

(Tom Eyen/Henrey Kreiger)

"Is it a beautiful day? You're beautiful!
I mentioned earlier that the world is watching each of you. You make me so proud I'm the happiest woman in the world right now. I have a dream come true."

"I want you to listen to me now. This is being televised again worldwide today. Just calm yourselves, come on. Alright.
Can you feel me?
Yes, this may be the most important moment in my life.
There are words in this song that to me are very special Listen."

It's more than you
It's more than me
No matter what we are
We are a family

This dream is for us
This one can be real
They can't stop us now
Because of how we feel

It's more than you
It's more than me
whatever dreams we have
They're for the family

We're not alone any more then
There are others there
And this dream's big enough
For all of us to share

So don't think you're going
We're not going anywhere
We're staying, taking our share
If you get afraid again
I'll be there

We are a family
Like a giant tree
Branching out towaards the sky

We are a family
And so much more
Than just you and I

We are a family
Like a giant tree
Growing strong
Growing wiser

We are
We are
a family

"I love you"

Songwriter(s): Taisuke Niimi, Dolly Parton, Tom Eyen, Pierce Ray Pettis, Satoshi Mizutani, Nile Rodgers, Henry D. Krieger, Yuichi Takemoto
Copyright: Polygram Int. Publishing Inc., Dreamgirls Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Dreamettes Music, Velvet Apple Music, Miroku Music, Our Songs Inc., August Dream Musi
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