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Don't Forget Lyrics

Did you forget that I was even alive?
Did you forget everything we ever had?
Did you forget, did you forget about me?
Did you regret ever standing by my side?
Did you forget we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget about usBut somewhere we went wrongWe were once so strongOur love is like a song, you can't forget itSo now I guess this is where we have to standDid you regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forgetWe had it all, we were just about to fallEven more in love, than we were beforeI won't forget, But somewhere we went wrongWe were once so strongOur love is like a song you can't forget itSomewhere we went wrongWe were once so strongOur love is like a song, you can't forget it at allAnd at last all the pictures have been burnedAnd all the past is just a lesson that we've learnedI won't forget, please don't forget usSomewhere we went wrongOur love is like a song but you won't sing alongYou've forgotten about usDon't forget

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Songwriter(s): Demitria Lovato
Copyright: Seven Peaks Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Demi Lovato Publishing
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Meaning to "Don't Forget" (12 meanings)
Choir geek 10/17/11,18:14

There are reasons why she is like that one because paparrazzi keeps following her around getting in her business and asking things she doesnt know or cant answer and partly cuz she can make some bad..
aj 05/03/11,15:26

Demi you rock i am so happy you did that song you have really touched my heart and i can not believe youwrote that i sing it to my self all the time.i love the ending it makes me cry thaks demi youroc
(:RAGAN:) 03/31/11,14:34

your song bring backs alot of memories to me your a great person you can honestly say you have tallent keep writing you wonderful songs love this one i also love camp rock to made me cry at the end!!
asia 11/06/10,22:58

i luv this song so much it reminds me of my ex we were so in luv last year and now we are so torn apart me dont even talk to eachother at school i want to be friends with him but i guess he doesn't!!!
mena 10/11/09,10:09

Hey demi i was at your concert when you sang this it inspired me to be a singer ok bye p.s. i thought that girl who came and sang this is the me ok ttyl that means talk to you later ok well ok bye!!!!
princess 08/28/09,20:15

hi demi im from trinidad my name is princess i love ur songs and your voice girl i want to become disney star i can sing ur songs i now going to form 1 girl boys are in my life do u like miley textbac
Demi 08/18/09,02:53

hey it's demi im here with my bff selena and we r just talking about you now what all girlz talk about witch is of course boys anyways i read the comments and u guys r aswome im glad i have so many fa
Jonas-Brothers-Fan-Ashley 08/08/09,17:11

Hey Demi! I commented on the song Get Back on this website but you havent replied :( If you can could you read that? I luv you and your songs. Its cool that you comment on these websites. Keep rockin!
girl u dnt no?? 08/06/09,20:56

hey itz me ur bff!! luv u n da songz ur awesome im glad ur mi fren idk wat ill do wit out u ur awesome n any guy will be lucky to date u n keep up da good wrk ur beautiful so dnt let 1 guy make u blue
Demi 07/29/09,01:22

hey it is demi i am happy this song. it makes me happy to no yall are such big fans i wish i could meet all my fans. but i can't. people think it is cool to be famous but it is horrible. b back soon.
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