Out Of Control Lyrics

I scored some speed in San Berdino
So me and baby could get a little bump
And now she? s in that motel room
Puttin? on a show for some chump

Yeah, well, baby? s gotta make a livin?
And I don? t mind waitin? out in the car
? Cause I got some nine millimeter muscle
In case things go too far

You know I try to take it easy, man
And just go with the flow
But sometimes things can get a little bit
Out of control

Well, my old man worked his whole life
In the Kaiser steel slag pit
And I worked there for a while back when I was a kid
But I got tired of all their shit

But that was years ago, man
Before they tore that Fontana plant down
And my old man smoked himself
Into a six-foot hole in the ground

And I got the same bad habit
And it? ll probably take its toll
But sometimes it? s the only thing that keeps me
From goin? out of control

Well, my ex-wife? s workin? evenings
At a Sizzler makin? minimum wage
And she? s cleanin? up other people? s houses
Every day just like some slave

And she? s livin? with the kids in a mobile home
Just off the 60 freeway
Some nights I go to see her
And sometimes she lets me stay

Since she found Jesus
She? s always tryin? to save my soul
Yeah, but every now and then she still likes to get
A little out of control

I used to work a little construction
But I never got along with my boss
So I do a little import export
Makin? enough just to cover my costs

And I? m losin? my hair and I? m losin? my teeth
But I? m tryin? to keep my grip
And live to see one more day
Without makin? any stupid slips

You know I could have played the game man
And just done what I was told
But I guess I was born just a little bit
Out of control

Baby gets done in there, I? m gonna
Take her for a little ride
Cruise up into the mountains
Park the car and get a little high

? Cause baby likes to look at the shootin? stars
And make wishes as they fly by
And I like lookin? down at the city
From way up there in the sky

Then I pull baby close to me
When it starts gettin? cold
Close my eyes for a little while and let the world
Spin out of control

Songwriter(s): Dave Alvin
Copyright: Blue Horn Toad Music (Bug)
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