Mo Uoc Xa Xua Lyrics

Ngy xa xa khi ti mi i xa ln u
Hay len ln ra sng m v vng t tui th du m
Ri bao m ti hay khc c n mt mnh
Lun mong c c tin hin v hi ti "V sao con khc?"
V ti xin c tin ban gip cho ti cho ti mt iu
Lm sao ving ni xa mt ln thi
Nm nghe l thu tri

Cho ti m trn ni mt thi th u
Cho ti nghe bn tay li m ru
Lng ti cht nghe mt thong m h
Nim nh thng i
Cho ti m trn tay cnh hng ti thm
Trao cho bao em th n ci hn nhin
i nh cn nguyn mng c ban u
Nm tay nhau nghe con tim mnh bnh yn

Lately, I'm not who I used to be
Someone's come and taken me
Where I don't wanna go
If I knew exactly what I have to do
In order to be there for you
When you were feeling low
All the things we ever wanted
Were once yours and mine
Now I know we can revive it
All the love we left

Everytime I kiss
I feel your lips
And everytime I cry
I see you smile
And everytime I close my eyes
I realize
That everytime I hold
Your hand in mine
The sweetest thing my heart
Could ever find
And I have never felt this way
Since the day
I gave your love away

T bit tng m vng
n chim trng ht trn b vai
 quanh ta yu thng  bay v trn tay
V cuc sng ngp trn lng nhn i
Tui th i hy quay v y
Cho em th ng vi vng quay bc
i lun c bao tnh thng

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