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My Band Lyrics

i dont know dude
i think everybodys all jelous and shit
cuz im like the lead singer of the band dude
and i think everybodys got a fucking problem with me dude
and they need to take it up with me after the show
because these chicks dont even know the name of my band
but there all on me like they wanna hold hands
cuz once i blow they know that ill be the man
all because im the lead singer of my band
[verse one:eminem]
so i get off the stage right
drop the mic
walk up to these hot chicks and im all like
"whats up ladies, my name's slim shady
im the lead singer of D-12 baby"
and there all like "oh my god its him
Becky oh my fucking god its Eminem
i swear to fucking that you fucking rock
please wont you please let me suck your cock"
now by now the rest of the fellows get jelous
especially when i drop the beat doing my acapellas
all chicks start yelling (girls screaming)
all the hot babes all the bras and the shirts
and the panties on stage
so like every single night they pick a fight
with me
but when we fight its kinda like sibling rivalry
cuz there back on stage the next night with me
dude i just think your trying to steal the light from me
yesterday kuniva tryied to pull a knife on me
cuz i told him jessica albae's my wife to be
spark start shit is a life for me
and all the other guys just dispise me "b" cuz me
em sings "my band" 9 times at the end
[verse two]

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Songwriter(s): Luis Resto, Denaun M. Porter, Ondre C. Moore, Marshall B. Iii Mathers, Steven King, Rufus Johnson, de Shaun Dupree Holton, von M. Carlisle
Copyright: Resto World Music, Jaceff Music, Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Eight Mile Style LLC, Dirty Steve S Music LLC, Emi April Music Inc.
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Josh 09/25/10,14:40

Those aren't the right lyrics at all man. listen to the song. compare the words u see on here and the words you hear in the song. it's way different. whoever wrote this must have been trippin balls.
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