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Venting Lyrics

Ahh,alright. It's a lot of material lets see if i can fit it in. Alright uh, just waitin' for that beat to drop, imma go straight in,look yo yo uh look yo.
I feel a difference everytime i got to hit the beat.
This sh*t i've written is just been filted by the industry.
Commercialism had to fight with my bond,
and to be honest i've been forced to not write what i want.
Back then i used music just to say my health,
now i had to change ways to betray myself, to another new audience,
i had to clearly hit' em, and since then i took a break of lyricism.
Depression hits me on the regular,I'm losing fans by the day,
and my skills gotta step' em up, can't to do this again no, haters not again
doubt money overshadow me I'm feelin' like a sellout.
And why are you questions always answered?
Why do they remind me to turn backwards,
what do I do I never look back after,
cuz I'm just in the future lookin' forward with my back turn.
Sometimes I figure I'm a disgrace,like I'm not movin, I'm in a strict place.
I had a talk with kid famous and he said, you just start movin'
or you gonna keep droppin' mixtapes.
After a couple shows,i've done the right stuff,
I think I'm ready again to go pick the mic up,
now both my feet are sore, coffees what im feigning for,I'm turnin lazy,
and i think it's cuz I'm sleepin' more,cuz back then I used to wake up early,
work with no problems but now the stress burns me,
confidence is lower then its usually been, its been months
since i haven't been up with this music and sh*t and since october it's been facing me with f*cking demise, cus i want to go back when it wasn't July.
But no,that was a past i can't look back at it,
I'm high class but i'm living life average. I watched the past ben,
I take a look at my girl and deep inside and know she liked me more back then
cuz i was so layed back and so chill,life so boring a man with no thrill
I used to be happier when music was my main thing,
I know its closer everyday i've been changing.
And school whatever is was never on my list, i failed science
I was mindeless, i had to upgrade and get a proder ben,
education has to come and wrap arround my head,
I'm getting mad at straight, school always hesitate,
I had a tought to drop out and not graduate.I'm getting sick of school,
I'm saying f*ck this town, I'm in the sh*thole i should be making money now
But momma says i gotta pass every class, but seriously i turn my back on this crap,
I deeply accept the fact that i'm more like my father,
cus i get pissed of and mad and always reforce to rebother
I used to tell people be more happy and i was always right,
but i notice that i gotta take my own advice, I seem to hypocritical
friends startin' hatin' me, my buzz got minimum
I see the fans always wonna pull some stupid sh*t
talking about my hair and never look on how my music is

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