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Make It Hot Lyrics Ft. Jessica Jarrell

i can see it in your eyes you want me stop that shit youre welcome over here mad cause she aint like me are you mad couse other girls dont do it like me all the care i can take all the love i can make well youll never find somebody that wiuld make you feel the way i could if you want it come and get it come and get it im ready cool with every step cause im bad yeah i sed it boy im bad dont you forget the way i walk thats me the way i talk thats me the way i got my hair up dont you forget thats me and the voice in your speakers right now thats me thats me and the voice in your ear thats me cant you see imma take it imma take it if you give it to me right now imma take it ill leave my ladies if you taste it theres a reason why this lovings got you wasted make it hot for me whoa make it hot for me whoa make it hot for me whoa make it hot for hot for me (cody) see i like this right here okay look im honest girl i cant lie i wantcha you and the music are the only things im onto im never cheatin for the record if im eva with ya i hope your seeing everything in me that other girls do she sed step up your game step it up boy if you ever wanna start on things i really wish she had a different way of doing things i think the city that im from has kinda ruined things its such a small place not much to do but surf swim and the boys are chillin the girls are watchin their hearts competition and i have frands telling you stories that if you miss misinterpret you got through your head that im not mr perfect i can tell that youve been staring all night you want me to come over youre praying ill come ova yeah youre hoping ill come ova no this is when ill be certain that il got ya and its certain ill make it hot for ya make it hot for me whoa make it hot for me whoa make it hot for me whoa make it hot for me make it hot for me its may your neighbors respect ya trouble neglect ya angles protect ya and heaven accept ya whoa whoa whoa yeah yeahyeahy

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