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Check Yes Lyrics

Hey I think I met you at the other day
But I didn't know what to say
So I thought I'd try to let it down
And see if I can take you out

Cuz' I think that we could have a good time
And you gotta take a chance sometime
So I'm looking for the right girl
Need to find a good girl
You, you is my love now...

Dear Brittany say that you be with me
Hey Judy wanna see a movie?
Dear Jen would you be until the end
All I wanna know is...

Would you be my girl
Always gonna be by my side
Would you be my girl
The one that makes me feel just right
Will you be..girl.. Check yes if you wanna be my
Check yes do you wanna be my girlfriend (x2)

Be yes you're the best and now you can be my girlfriend

I think you're really great, but you know(know)
Can only pick one, maybe this time(time)
It can be you girl you can be in my world
You,you is my love now...

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Kaity 06/20/11,23:07

Ummm sorry to tell you, but this is not Cody's song, it desn't even sound like him, and if u dont believe me, he even tweeted it, jus wanted to let ya know, u should probably fix it :)
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