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All Over Lyrics

Yo zaf what that say
I travel all over the place, all over the place, all over the place
I travel all over the place, aight yo drop that shit

Aloha, bon voyage
Man I be out in Europe, and next stop Prague
I be everywhere, tell em where you going with your swell ass
To northern ireland, chiddy could ring belfast
Couldnt picture my life ever being turtle
Had a show in Wilmington but we flew out of myrtle
Ye and this is my style, numbers that I dial
Know that time is limited, i got alot of sky miles
Hey for makin it worst, i was working double shifts like a
Agency nurse
And maybe at first
Eggs, this guys overdone
Then hit that slope on em now my rise over run
If I spit that dope on em then my is a done
And i'm waiting blow this what you should know
If you ain't get the picture understand that theres more to me
Got me throwin my arms around (IDK), morrissey


Different cities for these different days
It's a daze lately i've been smoking on some different haze
Employers hate the day when you find something different pays
Remember rapping my parents would tell me it's a phase, yeah
Well i'm sorry it's not i'm calling the shots
I gotta give it all that i got, yeah
Knowledge is power i can't wait to see my mind climb
And so does she, she can't wait to give me einstein
But she can't call it a quicky
Peanut butter love, i be gone in a jiffy yeah
See what else do we have but integrity
At which point do you become celebrity
They want my signature but i don't write allegedly
Allegedly a monster can you feel the energy
Even though i'm about to change latitude
Never stressin I take it easy nigga with attitude


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