Loch Lomond Lyrics

Loch Lomond

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomon'.
where me and my true love were ever wont to gae
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomon'.

O ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak the low road,
An' I'll be in Scotland afore ye;
But me and me true love will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomon'.

'Twas there that we parted in yon shady glen,
On the steep, steep side o' Ben Lomon',
Where in deep purple hue the Hieland hills we view,
An' the moon comin' out in the gloamin'.


The wee birdies sing and the wild flow'rs spring,
And in sunshine the waters are sleepin';
But the broken heart it kens nae second spring again,
Tho' the waefu' may cease frae their greetin'

The song was apparently written by a young soldier to
his sweetheart. Two
of Bonnie Prince Charlies soldiers were captured in
Carlisle after the
abortive rising of 1745. One wrote the song, the other
was released and
took it back to Scotland to give to his colleagues
sweetheart. The low road
refers to the soldiers impending death and the path of
his spirit, whilst
the high road is either the sign of hope for which he
sacrificed his life,
or the actual road back to Scotland over the high
rugged hills.
Hence, his spirit would return via the low road and be
back in Scotland

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Meaning to "Loch Lomond" song text (11 meanings)
HPM 03/12/12,18:24

As a child, I sometimes attended church services with my grandmother. Each service began with this song. Yes, many scots attended this service. The song brings back many memories.
Bonnie 01/23/12,21:16

My great-great-grandfather was a Scott refugee...I seem to have inherited the red hair. I love this song! One of my friends can sing the perfectly!
Asian girl 11/16/11,00:17

i sang this song in pri school in singapore, in mandarin!! As an adult i heard the original version and was amazed how it was so closely translated into mandarin.
Josiah 11/12/11,21:53

With being both Scottish, Irish, British and Welsh, I fully enjoy singing and listening to this song. This year we played this song at county band and we sounded amazing with one day of rehearsal. :D
Raven Song 11/03/11,21:08

This song makes me so proud of my scottish heritage. I may not be completly scott but im proud nonetheless
Megan 04/13/11,16:58

I've heard that it was two brothers that had been captured. They had to choose who will live and who will die. One brother had a wife and child whereas the other brother had only a sweetheart.
Juliaburton1@live.co.uk 01/28/11,13:57

Not Scottish but you must be so proud to be brings a tear to your eye and more.just come back from loch lomand wonderfull
Harper 12/22/10,18:35

Such a beautiful, sad song. Although I prefer the story that the girl had second sight and visited the soldier in spirit before he died.
Melinda 05/23/10,12:41

our concert band is playing this for our graduation peice &our band director is leaving us this year.Our former band director died about 10yrs ago &we played it @ his wake.Just plain beautiful.love it
Keely 03/03/10,08:41

What a beautiful song...love playing on the bagpipes. It's so sad but so sweet at teh same time. I'm not sure what else there is to say about it other than it's beautiful
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