Cassandra Complex - What Can You Say
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What Can You Say Lyrics

When you see the people come to you
Their faces closed, their minds shut down
Their eyes an end, the living dead
The living hell, the living hell
And they stare at you like you're not there
They close their eyes and they don't care
And you're dying there in front of them,
in front of them you fall apart
You fall apart, you watch T.V., some stupid clown
Tells you the world and how you are
You throw up over him, and he drowns like Jimi Hendrix
And all the guys with guitars are telling lies
And trying hard to be American....

What can you say?

You open up the Sunday Sport
and read about the aliens with the biggest tits
And how their coming for your mother because she voted
She won't do that again, will she?
And you eat the apple pie that she was saving up for
'Cause you're a revolutionary,
and you're listening to a friend's tape right now
Because you only buy records from Nicaragua,
because you can't afford to be a
fucking Yuppie

What can you say?

You always give some money to the people
who come round from Christian Aid
Because you know they're really nice
Even though they've spent at least
nine hundred years in killing people
But propaganda doesn't affect you, does it, baby

What can you say?

And a woman comes along and says
that she used to be a junkie killing,
baby killing, junkie motherfucker
But now she's seen the light
And she wants the Lord to kill us all with nuclear
Because we're evil
And you say what a nice person she is!?!?!

What can you say?

You know that Pagans are the niggers of the modern
world (x4)

What can you say?

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